Friday, June 26, 2009

to contribute...


Why do you choose to do Pharmacy? Why don’t you have a go for Medicine instead? This are the very popular questions often asked to me. If I was to explain the reasons why I choose medicine, it may takes thousands of words to clearly comprehend how I come upon one of the biggest decision I have ever had to make in my life. But what I can say is that it is not that easy as ABC. No, absolutely not. I had to endure a very hard period of my life doing stuffs that I don’t really want to do. But as I experienced the hardships and face all the challenges, I think these series of events happening in my life do not occurred just by coincidence or appeared to be without any reasons.

As for today, I think there are a lot of reasons behind everything happening in my life, although most of them are not understood well. But the most valid reason I think, is that, the existence of an extremely powerful controller of my life. The force that may direct my life towards something that I don’t really sure but will be of a very important one. I may be running through a track full of slippery surfaces, filled with thorns, not to mention the steep slopes that I have to climb in order to finish the run. However, I always felt like I am not alone running, but I am always accompanied by the powerful force. And I think the force is trying to tell me to proceed and don’t give up just yet. And I always think that the force is sending messages telling me that He will always be with me as long as I believe He is, and always be with me. And I think that proves to me that Allah, the creator of me and the universe is actually play His role as the Sustainers and never ever, even a single second of my life, leave me out of His sight. As a Muslim, I believe that God wanted me to be a good person on earth. He may test me whenever and with whatever He wanted. It is therefore, I must try the best possible efforts to achieve the target to be a good Muslim. I must obey most, if not all of His commandments. That’s it. This is the ultimate reason why I chose to do pharmacy. To be a good human being by working with human being, not with machines, robots, neither the formulas, which I really liked until now.

But then, why must I be in a health related world of professionals? As I proceed until where I am right now, I may think a few strong reasons that will be my complete series of reason to answer the FAQ asked to me. First that I can think of is the need to contribute to my family and the community. Being in this field, I think, there is a greater chance that I can come upon that objective. Not to say other profession does not give out anything to the community, but I think I can contribute more in this area compared than if I was about to stay in other field. Though not as important as the more dominant medical practitioner, I think being a pharmacist can also play major roles in helping others. Being a pharmacist can also help me to gain more money, which I can use to help others. I would gladly share my money with the needy people. This money is not only for me to enjoy on God’s green earth. I must learn to give to others. Yes, we need money for our comfortableness but I always wanted to share those comfort with others, especially the ones who was not lucky enough to have experience them. We have nothing to lose just by sharing our happiness with others. Minor accidents may occur, yes, they will but we can always replace the missing things or fix the broken objects, compared to the sign of relief on their faces, which is priceless and non-replaceable.

And yes, I have found a new love in research studies, whereby I had already planned what to do after I am confirmed as a qualified pharmacist. Work in the pharmacy in the government hospitals until my contracts with the PSD runs out. After that, I will always consider continue my studies to the highest level possible. I always wanted to do research and find new remedies that are pain-relieving, if not curative in nature. But as I gain more knowledge and information regarding pharmacists and their role, I am very happy to acknowledge that there are a lot of choices available. I can consider researches in conventional medicine and also the complementary and alternative medicine. I am also really pleased to know that I will be able to specialise in a specific subject of drugs, instead of doing a lot of examinations on various class of drugs. Of course, after achieving this, I am not going to be satisfied just yet. It will be my ambition to climb up the ranks in the administrative body. I always wanted to contribute as much as I can. Being a proactive leader, change the world of pharmacy and prepare for bigger challenges. Not just be satisfied with the dispensing job only. I wanted to be an influential person that can persuade people to change, towards better person with greater personality.

To conclude things, there are three major reasons why I choose Pharmacy..
1. It is God-will and I accepted it. And I will be a good, if not the best pharmacist.
2. The need to contribute to family and others, which I will try my best to share my own happiness.
3. My passion towards research and my ambition to build a better medical world, particularly the world of great pharmacists.

Wassalamualaikum. Have a nice day :-)

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Dalam kehangatan dan keseronokan zaman remaja dan pra-dewasa, tika itulah aku merasa kehilangan sahabat, kawan dan kenalan. Yang rapat atau sekadar rakan. Yang erat atau yang tidak. Satu persatu pergi meninggalkan daku dan dunia yang fana ini.

Sepanjang tahun 2008 sahaja tak kurang dari tiga orang kenalanku dijemput menghadap Sang Pencipta. Tahun ini (2009), setakat ini sudah dua orang yang kukenali pergi buat selamanya. Seorang daripadanya adalah Allahyarham al-Hafiz Dr Muhammad Ammar bin Zulkifli yang akan mengambil peperiksaan akhir Tahun Tiga Jurusan Perubatan di Universiti Kaherah, Mesir. Sungguhpun aku tidak rapat dengannya, namun beliau adalah sebahagian daripada keluarga besar pelajar-pelajar INTEC sesi 2006 yang melanjutkan pelajaran ke Timur Tengah. Keluarga yang amat kusayang, sanjungi dan hormati.

Dalam kebahagiaan dunia yang sementara ini juga, aku terasa betapa kehilangan mereka yang soleh itu cukup menusuk jiwa. Manakan tidak, merekalah pembimbing kita, penawar kedukaan, penerang kegelapan, penyeri kehidupan. Dengan ketinggian ilmu, ditambah dengan hafalan Quran serta kemuliaan akhlak, merekalah golongan yang paling mudah didampingi. Sedihnya jiwa ini mengenangkan mereka yang telah pergi. Mereka pergi dan tidak akan kembali.

Kuharap agar mereka ditempatkan dari kalangan orang-orang Soleh dan beroleh kerehatan sementara menunggu nikmat yang berkekalan. Dan diriku ini perlu teruskan kehidupan, mencontohi kebaikan serta meningkatkan amal kebajikan, perlu kepada usaha yang berpanjangan bagi menemui Allah dalam keadaan jiwa yang berada dalam ketenangan.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

my mini library list..

this is part of my books bought/gifted/obtained accidentally in between January 2005 and June 2009.

1. Isu-isu Fiqh Perubatan Semasa
2. Tafsir Al-Munir (Juz 'Amma)
3. Perubatan Islam dan Bukti Sains Moden
4. Fiqh Siasah Menurut Imam Syahid Hassan Al-Banna
5. Kisah Ringkas Kehidupan Rasulullah S.A.W.
6. 101 Kisah & Pengajaran daripada al-Quran al-Hadith dan Hayatus Sahabah
7. Kenapa Allah Murka
8. Fiqh Berinteraksi Dengan Non-Muslim
9. Graduan 2009 (Gift from Bahagian Hal Ehwal Pelajar INTEC)
10. Rang & Dale Pharmacology
11. Pemilik Cintaku: Setelah Allah dan Rasul
12. Kisah-kisah Kehidupan Selepas Mati
13. Bicara Tasawuf
14. Kewajipan Memahamkan Bukan Islam Tentang Islam
15. Fiqh Syafii Jilid 1
16. Tafsir Pimpinan Ar-Rahman
17. Hand and Foot Reflexology
18. Himpunan Kitab-kitab Kelebihan Amal
19. Persoalan Remaja (MM)
dan beberapa lagi yg dipinjam/hilang/terlupa...

My Wishlist

1. Aku Pun Melayu (ZI)
2. Kemuncup Dalam Perjuangan (TGNA)
3. Bertemu Janji Allah (TGNA)
4. Taqwa (TGNA)
5. Formula Solat Sempurna (ZAR)
6. Aqidah Thahawiyah (IT)
7. Katzung's Pharmacology
8. 50 Dalil Anwar Tak Layak Jadi PM
9. Koleksi Resepiku (CW)

dan banyak lagi...